Title I Summary

Enoch Elementary is a schoolwide Title I school.  We use funds from Title I and other Federal education programs and resources to upgrade the entire educational program of the school in order to raise academic achievement for all students.

The purpose of a schoolwide program is to improve the academic achievement of every student, particularly the lowest achieving students, so they will demonstrate proficiency related to the Utah State Core Standards. Decisions for the use of the funds are made in coordination with the district and school.  The funds are used in ways to best meet the needs of the students in Enoch Elementary.     

Enoch Elementary meets on a regular basis with its administrator, teachers, PTA, and community council to develop and review its comprehensive Title I plan. We make changes as needed to meet the needs of our students.

Enoch Elementary has highly qualified teachers in all grade level areas.  We use highly qualified paraprofessionals to supplement the students’ regular classroom learning by, tutoring students who fall below benchmark, using the Early Steps/Next Steps tutorial model.  Teachers meet and coordinate student progress weekly with these paraprofessionals. Collaboration between teachers, paraprofessionals, and the school title I teachers are an integral part of our Title I program. We use DIBELS screening, CRT scores, and the ERSI and RLA diagnostic tests to determine need and place students in tutoring on their appropriate instructional level of learning. Title I funds are used to extend the day for these students before the regular school day starts. Funds are also used to provide full day kindergarten to students who are found to be at risk. Title I funds also provide a half time councilor for Enoch Elementary student and helps to pay for two half time reading specialists. Title one provides “Imagine Learning” computer program for all ESL students 30 minutes a day. All ESL students are in a regular classroom with a highly qualified teacher.      

Enoch Elementary follows all Title I requirements for parental involvement. We provide all parents with regular, meaningful, two-way communication involving the students’ academic learning.

The Title I school wide program at Enoch highly impacts the learning of the students.  

You can view Enoch Elementary’s Title I Plan here.

Enoch Parent and Family Engagement Plan 21-22

Enoch Elementary Family Compact 2021-2022

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